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electrical toolkit

Everything You Need for an Electrical Toolkit

I'm no electrician, but it seems like I’m always tackling some minor electrical project around my house, so I finally came up with an inexpensive electrical toolkit in an easy-to-grab container to make all those electrical projects a breeze! Read on to find out more.
installing recessed lighting

How to Install Recessed Lighting in an Existing Ceiling

When installing recessed lighting in an existing ceiling, a hole should be cut in the ceiling that exactly fits the profile of a special remodeling in order to keep from damaging the surrounding drywall.

How to Replace a Paddle Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switch

Brad asks, “How can I fix the pull chain on my ceiling fan that broke off inside the switch?” With most pull chain fan switches, you’ll need to replace the switch, though on some models you may be able to reattach the chain.
Attaching a ceiling electrical box to a wood support.

Replacing Light Fixture with Paddle Ceiling Fan

Watch this video to find out how to reinforce an electrical box to support the weight of a paddle ceiling fan when replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan.
Pole light

Wiring A Pole Light

If you will be running new electrical wire it is important to be absolutely sure that the wire is buried at least 18 inches. There are alternatives, but this is the safest and least expensive method.
Ask Danny

How to Shim Out Electrical Outlet or Switch When Installing a Tile Backsplash

Roxanne asks, “How can I make electrical outlets flush with a new tile backsplash?”

To shim out an electrical outlet, use an electrical box extender. Read on to find out more.
Ask Danny

How to Control a Ceiling Fan Without a Wall Switch

Cynthia asks, “There isn’t a wall switch for my ceiling fan, and I’m too short to reach the pull chain. Is there another way I could turn the fan on and off?”

Instead of a wall switch, consider installing a wireless remote that will allow you to control your paddle fan at the touch of a button. Read on to find out more.
Attaching color coded phone lines to telephone jack.

Replacing a Phone Jack

Sylvia asks, "Is it hard to replace a telephone jack? Does the electricity need to be turned off first?"

To replace a phone jack, transfer the color coded wires from the old jack to the matching terminals on the new one. Telephone lines carry a small electrical current, but it’s usually not enough to cause a serious shock.

DIY Home Theater Installation

The popularity of Home Theater Systems (HTS) has taken off in recent years as prices have fallen. These days you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to enjoy remarkable sound and video quality in the comfort of your own home.