Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Baster Watering for Hanging Potted Plants

Consistent watering is crucial to container plants and hanging plants in particular. However, reaching a hanging basket is often difficult without drenching yourself in the process. A simple kitchen baster may be the perfect solution. Watch this video to find out more.

Bed Slat Boards

Bed slats that slide out of position are annoying if not dangerous and can create a bunk bed disaster. Watch this video to see how to solve the problem.

How to Water a Hanging Plant

Hanging baskets are a simple way to instantly introduce color and create interest. However, they can also be hard to get to in order to water. To make watering easier, place a small funnel in the pot with the spout inserted in the soil.

Climbing Plants

Vines make a great addition to a trellis or lattice but they do require some attention. Lawn and garden expert Tricia Craven-Worley explains that the trick is early attention. The saying about vines she says, is the first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps.

How to Harvest Seeds for Your Garden

The best way to collect seeds is to leave them on the plants to dry out or cut off the stems with the seeds still on the flower or pod. Tie a brown paper bag around the stem and hang them upside down. Be sure not to use a plastic bag as it can retain moisture and cause the seeds to rot.

Water-Wise Containers

With all the activities that today's homeowners have, its really pretty hard sometimes to cultivate an entire garden. But you can bring beautiful plants closer to your house on your deck or patio through container gardening. Although this still requires a little maintenance, here are some tricks of the trade to cut down on all of the required watering.

Importance of Keeping Garden Tools Clean

Maintaining garden tools is important to prevent rust and stop the spread of disease from one plant to another. Watch this video to find out how to clean gardening tools.

Posthole Depth Marker

A simple, easy way to measure postholes as you dig them is to mark 6-inch graduations up the handle of your posthole diggers (a permanent marker is ideal for the job). A similar approach works well for a shovel handle; only here you can measure from the handle end instead of the blade end so you can invert the tool to measure as you go.

Roof Painting Platform

If you've ever painted dormers or half gables on the outside of a house you know that resting a paint can while working on a rooftop can really be tricky. Our solution: create a triangular platform with an angle opposite the roof (a bevel gauge and level will show you what the level needs to be).