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Shop Vac Strap

A wet-dry vacuum is a great tool to have in the garage or workshop but moving it around is often problematic. Invariably we pull the vacuum around by the hose and one of two things happens: the hose pulls out of the vacuum or the whole thing tips over.
Garage after cleaning and organizing.

Garage Organization Makeover

Watch as we help clean out and organize a cluttered garage, including building a rack for storage containers and installing a new garage floor.
Ask Danny

Do Radiant Foil Barriers in an Attic Save Energy?

Murray asks, “Do radiant foil barriers in an attic really work, and will they reduce my heating and cooling bills?”

Radiant barriers can reduce your cooling costs a bit, if you live in a hot climate, but are no substitute for attic insulation. Read on to find out more.
Danny with built in ironing board

Adding a Built-in Ironing Board

Adding a built-in ironing board is a great way to maximize space in the laundry room. They are designed to fit between two studs on 16” centers and come with a shelf to hold the iron as well as a plug and light.
Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

How to Sand and Paint Without a Mess

Today's Homeowner Radio   Listener Questions  How to Repair Patched Plaster Walls and Ceilings Mia in Florida...
Notches cut in sawhorse top for 2x2 strips

How to Support Sheets of Plywood When Cutting

When cutting sheets of plywood, it’s important to support the entire piece to keep it from pinching the blade of the saw. Watch this video to find out how to modify sawhorses to safely support plywood when cutting sheets with a circular saw.

How to Make a String Dispenser from a CD Container

Rather than throwing empty CD containers away, reuse them to hold string or ribbon in your shop. Start by mounting the base of the CD container under a shelf. Drill a hole in the plastic top to thread the string through. Put a spool of string on the container's hub and twist the top in place. Watch this video to find out more.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | April 11, 2020

We discuss how you can troubleshoot a faulty motion sensing light and how a spray foam insulated home should be ventilated.
DIY Clothes Drying Rack How To

Do It! Build a Wooden Clothes Drying Rack

A small laundry room doesn't mean you can't have space for a drying rack. A wall-mounted rack that folds out to dry your clothes is perfect. This video shows you how.