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Should I Vacate After Spray Foam is Installed?

Jim needs advice installing spray foam in his home.  He wants to know how long he would have to vacate his home.

Easy Storage Solutions for a Small Laundry Room  

It's challenging to working in a small galley laundry room. Here are our suggestions for easy storage solutions.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 21, 2020

Tammy tells us her laundry room has a stacked washer and dryer with very little room for anything else. Danny interviews Monique Allen , landscaping expert and author. We learn about the Dew Stop Condensation Fan Control that automatically turns your bathroom fan on when moisture is present. And, Joe shares a cool tip to protect garden seedlings from spring frost by creating a mini greenhouse from an empty soda bottle.
Acid stain concrete

Rust Stain Remover: How to Treat Stubborn Stains

A rusty radiator leaks onto your concrete garage floor — is there a magic rust stain remover? Here are three options for cleaning this stain.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 7, 2020

Heading into "Termite Week" Danny and Joe spoke with expert entomologist Dr. Jim Fredericks about the dangers this pest poses on your house.

How to Replace a Dented Corner Bead

Most homes have at least one room corner that’s been damaged by a run-in with a vacuum cleaner, tricycle or little leaguer's bat. Small dents can often be concealed with a little joint compound, but in most cases, it’s best to just replace the damaged section of the metal corner bead. Here’s how!
High-Effiency Top Loader

High-Efficiency Washing Machine

There is no way to escape dirty clothes. So, when you’re doing the laundry, it’s good to have a machine that fits your specific laundry needs.  But what if there was a washer that fit every laundry need!  The High-efficiency top-loading washing machine from GE has more features on it than a swiss army knife!
Roof vent pipe

The Proper Way to Vent a Bathroom Fan

Gary wants to add a new vent fan into a bathroom.  The contractor he's working with seems to be suggesting venting to the attic.  He's not sure if that is the best option.

Natural Gas Lanterns: Is Converting from Electric Worth It?

It can be expensive to transfer an electric light to natural gas.