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Cleaning out dryer vent pipe with brush

Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips

April asks, Why does it take so long to dry my clothes? When a dryer takes a long time to dry your clothes, often the problem is due to a buildup of lint in the dryer lint screen or vent pipe. This not only reduces the efficiency of your dryer but can be a major fire hazard as well. Watch this video to find out more.
Clothes dryer venting into the attic.

Venting Dryers in the Attic

Cindy asks, "My dryer vents into my attic. How can I vent it outside to make it less of a fire hazard?"

Improperly vented dryers and lint buildup cause over 15,000 fires a year. Venting your dryer to the attic is not only a potential fire hazard but can result in moisture problems which causes more problems.

Basement Laundry Room Plumbing

Casey asks, "We would like to move the laundry room to the basement. How should we do this?"

You would need to install what is known as a grinder pump or lift station to pump the drain water from the washer up to the level of your drain pipe so it can be fed into your septic tank.
Dryerbox in wall clothes dryer vent box.

Preventing Dryer Fires

Clothes dryers are responsible for over 15,000 fires a year, many are the result of inadequate venting caused by crimps and sharp bends in the flexible vent hose. Read on for an innovative product that can help reduce the chance of dryer fires.
Danny Lipford with installing ironing board

How to Install a Built-in Ironing Board

Fold-down ironing boards are a great way to reduce clutter in your laundry room and can either be surface mounted or recessed into the wall for a low profile look. Watch this video to find out more.

Dryer Vent Extension

When dryer lint builds up in the dryer vent pipe, it can drastically slow down the time it takes to dry clothes. Danny demonstrates how a dryer vent booster fan can help solve the problem.

Dryer Vent Safety

Homeowners are often puzzled about why their clothes dryer takes longer to finish a load than it used to. A build-up of lint in the dryer or its vent pipe can not only reduce the efficiency of the dryer but it can also be a fire hazard.

How to Create Build Laundry Organizer

Here's a simple solution to organizing the dirty laundry in your laundry room. Construct a custom shelf unit sized to hold three to five laundry hampers so clothes can be sorted upon arrival in the laundry room.