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building attic storage shelves

How to Build Storage Shelves in Your Attic

Storage space in attics is usually limited to the small floored area. By adding shelves that are supported by 2x4 brackets attached to the rafters, you can expand your usable attic storage space. Watch this video to find out more.

Attic Insulation

Homeowners ask me all the time how they can control their monthly utility bills. Many have resigned themselves to paying high bills because they think that’s just the price you have to pay to be comfortable and that’s certainly a factor.
Ask Danny

Combining an Attic Vent Fan with a Roof Ridge Vent

Ron asks, "We installed a ridge vent and a solar powered vent fan on our roof. I noticed you said that these two systems should not be combined. Should we remove one?"

Combining an attic vent fan with a ridge vent is not recommended since it can reverse the natural flow of hot air in the attic. Read on to find out more.

How to Eliminate and Prevent Mold in an Attic

Dan asks, “Our home has narrow soffit with little venting, causing mold to form in the attic. What should we do?”

You’ll probably need to add power vent fans to your attic to increase air movement through it. Read on to find out more.
Danny Lipford in attic over garage.

Does Insulating Over a Garage Save Energy?

Find out if insulating the attic over your garage is a good use of your energy dollars, and if it will save on your utility bills. Watch this video to find out more.

Fixing Smooshed Insulation

A listener needs help in correcting his smooshed insulation. The solution.... a gardening tool.
Joe Truini Installing fiberglass insulation in attic

How to Install Fiberglass Insulation in Your Attic

Installing additional fiberglass insulation in your attic can really reduce energy bills. Watch this video to find out what you need to know in order to install it correctly.
Metal roof.

Attic Venting for Metal Roof

Bjorn asks, "I have a new house with a metal roof and without a ridge vent. Please recommend a vent system without cutting holes in the metal roof."

There are several options available to provide ventilation to your attic without cutting holes in your metal roof including gable vents and a vented ridge. Read on for more.
Old attic with soot stains and moisture

How to Prevent Moisture in the Attic

If you have moisture in the attic, here's how to eliminate it.