Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Fruit Tree Production

Strange as it may seem, shaking your fruit trees will help them produce more fruit. This is because it loosens the vessels that carry sap to the leaves and buds. Some people even opt to whip their fruit trees with a rolled up newspaper.

Planting a Privacy Screen

Where houses are close together, privacy fences become a must have on every homeowner's wish list. Before you build, however, pause for a moment and consider whether a planted screen would do the trick for you. Screening plants generally have a softer appearance than a fence or wall.

Trimming Tree Limbs

Removing limbs from trees and shrubs is a necessary part of gardening, but you must do the job correctly. To avoid splintering the cut, make a relief cut a foot or so outside the branch collar.

How to Choose a Tree for Your Yard

Trees add a lot to any landscape but choosing the right one at the garden center or nursery makes all the difference in it's success in the yard. Begin by looking for a straight center trunk with fairly symmetrical branch structure.

Leaning Trees

Staking and tying off a leaning tree is a fairly common practice, but it can be avoided by properly planting the tree in the first place. Often times trees lean because of limited access to sunshine.

How to Dig a Circle Around a Tree

For a professional finish around trees planted in the lawn, loop a rope around the tree trunk and the shaft of a spade. Adjust the length so that the spade reaches to the drip line of the tree. Scribe the outline of a circle, then remove the rope and retrace the circle, sinking the spade vertically to make a neat, clean edge.

How to Plant a Bare Root Tree

Watch this video to find out how to plant a bare root tree in your yard.

Create a Bush from a Blunder

Accidentally rip a branch off your favorite bush? If it came off with a tiny bit of the main branch, you can use it to start a new shrub. Trim the bark "heel" down a bit and remove any leaves from the bottom half of the shoot. Dip the tip in rooting hormones, and pant it in a sterile mix of sand and peat moss.

Juice Jug Tree Cuff

Protect vulnerable shrubs and trees from potential weed whacker or lawn mower accidents. Keep a plastic juice bottle, slit down the side (with the top and bottom removed) tied to your machine. Stop before working too close to plants and slip the bottle around the trunk while you weed or mow in that area. Remove the bottle when you move on.