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Clipper trimming tree branch for spring tree care

6 Steps to Spring Tree Care

Healthy trees don't just happen. When it comes to spring care, tree maintenance should be high on your priority list.
Shredded paper under tree

How to Use Shredded Paper as Mulch Around Trees and Shrubs

Shredded paper from a paper shredder can be recycled and used as mulch around trees and shrubs as well as in your garden. Shredded paper also provides warmth, protection, and nutrients for the plant's roots. Watch this video to find out more.
Camellia blooming in snow.

The Great Camellia Show

When I bought my house, there was a lot I had to overlook indoors, but there were also certain features outdoors, like a row of 20-foot-tall old-fashioned Camellia japonicas , that drew me in like a bee to honey. Certainly, a wise real-estate purchase has to take into account much more than camellias, but they certainly sent a clear message: “Somebody loved this place and made a home here, and so can I.”

How to Deadhead Crape Myrtles for Second Blooming

"I've heard that if you deadhead crape myrtles, they'll bloom again. Is this true?”

Many varieties of crape myrtles can be encouraged to bloom a second time, but timing is important. Read on to find out how to deadhead your crape myrtles for a late-summer show.
Giant pampas grass at Biltmore Gardens.

How to Grow Ornamental Grasses in Your Yard

Ornamental grasses can add a touch of grace and beauty to your landscape – especially as other plants begin to die back in fall, leaving the gorgeous seed plumes to wave and rustle in the breeze. Read on to find out how to grow ornamental grasses in your yard.
Japanese aucuba shrub after division.

How to Divide and Propagate Shrubs

We often hear about dividing and propagating perennials, but what about shrubs? We usually think of shrubs as fairly permanent, and most of them are. However, some types of shrubs can be divided, if you know what to look for. Read on to find out how.
Cutting limb with chainsaw

If a Tree Falls at Night . . .

Last week, I was walking around my back yard and remarked, “I wonder if the grass would grow better if we thinned out these trees a little?” It was an innocent enough remark, but one that apparently rang true with powers greater than myself, because the very next morning I awoke to find quite a surprise in my back yard!

How to Choose and Care for a Living Christmas Tree

Decorating, enjoying, and then planting a living Christmas tree can be a wonderful “green” holiday tradition.
Pine straw mulch around a tree.

How to Choose Mulch for Your Yard

Find out what type of mulch is best to use in different areas of your yard, from flower beds and paths to trees and shrubs. Watch this video to find out more.