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Cubic Yard Calculator — Start Here Before Purchasing Materials

Need to know how many feet are in a yard or how many cubic feet are in a cubic yard? Our cubic yard calculator is a must for home improvement projects!
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The Debate over Organic vs. Chemical Fertilizers

Ask most any gardener whether they prefer organic or chemical fertilizer, and chances are you'll spark a lively debate. Even though both contain needed nutrients, there are significant differences between them in terms of the long-term effects on soil, plants, and the environment. Read on to find out why.
Lawn after applying layer of topsoil.

Top-Dressing to Improve the Soil in Your Lawn

A nice, thick lawn requires healthy soil as its base, but this can be difficult to do once grass is established. The process of adding a thin layer of soil on top of your lawn is a great way to improve it without disturbing existing grass. Learn this technique in five easy steps.

Brown Spots on Lawn: How to Identify the Cause

Brown spots in lawns are frustrating to deal with! Read on for a checklist to help you determine the cause in your yard.
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Buying and Hauling Materials by the Cubic Yard FAQ

It's usually pretty easy to eyeball bags of mulch, dirt, stone, and concrete and figure out how many you need for your project. But if you're working on a larger scale, materials are often sold by the cubic yard. Read this article to find out how to buy and haul materials by the cubic yard.
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Help for Fertilizer Burn in Lawn Grass

Fertilizer burn from over-applying chemical fertilizer is one of the quickest ways to damage or kill grass. Read on to learn how to treat it.

How to Correct Soil pH in Your Yard

Soil pH is a very important factor in plant health – if the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, plants will be unable to absorb nutrients, and your lawn or garden won't grow. If the results of a soil test show that your soil's pH needs adjusting, read on to find out what you can do to fix it.
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Yard Drainage Solutions for AC Condensation Drain Runoff

Clayton asks, “My AC unit drains into the side yard. What can I do to keep the soil from becoming wet and boggy?”

There are several options available to solve your drainage problem, including rerouting the water and improving the soil. Read on to find out more.

Organic Sources of Potassium for Your Lawn or Garden

Potassium is a very important nutrient for overall plant health. If you're looking to go organic, there are many ways to supplement your lawn or garden with potassium without using chemical fertilizers. Read on for more info on the most popular sources of organic potassium.