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Fan trellis

How to Make a Fan Trellis for Your Yard

A trellis is great for a wall or even a fence that needs a little something extra. Watch this video to see how to build a trellis for your yard.

How to Use Gelatin as Plant Food

To keep seedlings healthy and growing feed them gelatin. Any flavor is okay as long as it's sweetened with sugar and not artificial sweeteners. The gelatin contains the nutrient nitrogen, which helps plants form green leaves. The sugar actually feeds beneficial microbes already in the soil that help young plants defend against disease causing organisms.

Border Blocks

Adding a border to your planting beds is both practical and attractive. Almost any border material will serve as a barricade to prevent grass from intruding on the planting area or running plants from escaping into the lawn.
White picket fence around cottage.

Choosing the Right Fence

Adding a fence around your property can provide you with instant privacy and a sense of security for children and pets. Before making an investment in a fence, it's important to consider several factors and to take a look at all the available options. Read on to find out more.

Feed Flowers Fruit

Roses love banana peels. They rot quickly, releasing minerals roses need such as calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and phosphates. Just cut them up and mix them in the soil at planting time or anytime you want to give your roses a boost. You can also make a banana peel tonic for use after the plants are established.

Retaining Walls

Usually the only solution for managing a hilly lot is the construction of a retaining wall. While these walls can be constructed from many materials, by far the most durable are masonry (brick, block, or stone).

Economical Flowers

For an economic alternative to buying plants for the garden, consider raising annuals from seed. While many perennials take lots of time to mature, there are plenty of annuals that will come up quickly and give lots of color through the season.

How to Choose a Tree for Your Yard

Trees add a lot to any landscape but choosing the right one at the garden center or nursery makes all the difference in it's success in the yard. Begin by looking for a straight center trunk with fairly symmetrical branch structure.

Adding a Pool

In this episode we’re following a project that adds a pool to a small space in the backyard of a home to turn it into a wonderful outdoor entertainment area. Plus, we take a look at other options that are available in pools.