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Caterpillars in the Garden

Brenda asks, “We have an enormous number of caterpillars in our yard this spring. Why is this and how do we control them?”

Not all caterpillars are the same. Before you do anything about your caterpillars, you need to ask the following questions. Read on to find out more.

Organic Pest Control

Organic Landscaper Rachel DeToro offers these tips for natural pest management. Nesting boxes and food sources will keep birds nearby and they in turn will keep insects under control.

Compost Bin

Even the most novice gardeners know the benefits of using compost in their gardens, but nobody wants to look at a compost pile. One solution is a pre-fab compost bin made of plastic.

Dinner with a Side of Garbage

Over by the fence, I've got a little compost pile, and this year I decided to challenge myself to compost everything I can. See, sometimes I get in a hurry, and before I realize it I've tossed the cutting board scraps into the trash. I try to remember, but I'm a person who likes systems, and this was a project in need of a system. Read on to find out my simple solution.
Marigolds and other eco-friendly plants in a lush green backyard

6 Tips to Make Your Backyard Eco-Friendly

Making your backyard eco-friendly will save you water, electricity, money and time. Here are ways to make your yard beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Natural Remedies

If you look hard enough you can find solutions to many of your lawn and garden problems "naturally." The pungent aroma of many herbs acts as a natural insect repellent. Planting herbs like parsley or basil among your vegetables will offer them some protection from bugs and simplify harvesting a salad.

Organic Gardening 101

Instead of using synthetic or toxic chemicals, organic gardeners create a natural garden ecosystem that gives more to the earth than it takes away. More than anything else, organic gardening requires altering your mindset about gardening. Here are three basic concepts to get you started on your path to an organic garden.

Vinegar Weed Killer

Weeds popping up through paving stones or cracks in sidewalks can be a huge annoyance. Here's a solution to stop them without back breaking work or toxic pesticides. Fill a spray bottle with household vinegar and spray it liberally on the offending weeds.
Basil growing near tomatoes in a container garden.

Does Planting Basil Near Tomato Plants Repel Insects?

“I read somewhere that if you plant basil with tomatoes, it will repel insects and make the tomatoes taste better. Is there any truth to that?”

While there’s little scientific evidence, basil is thought to be a natural deterrent for several insect pests. Read on to find out more.