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Push Reel Mower Review

Last week, I found myself in need of a new lawn mower, and considering that gas mowers spit out as much pollution per hour as driving 250 miles in a car, I was ready to make a change. So – amid groans from everyone I've told so far – I headed out to buy a hand-powered, push reel mower. Read on to find out how well it worked.
compact tractor in yard

Advantages of a Compact Utility Tractor for Your Yard

When undertaking a big project, such as landscaping a large yard, it never hurts to have a little extra power. A compact utility tractor, such as those from John Deere, can be just what you need.
Lawn mower cutting grass

Lawn Mowing Tips for Your Yard

When mowing your lawn, make sure the blade is sharp so it will cut the grass cleanly, rather than shredding it, which can lead to an unhealthy lawn. Also, bag clippings for a spotless lawn, or mulch to add nutrients back to the soil.
Cutting grass with a Toro Recycler All-Wheel Drive lawn mower.

What Is the Proper Mowing Height for Grass in Your Yard?

Rasheem asks, “How low, or high, should I cut the grass in my lawn?”

The proper height to mow your lawn depends on the type of grass, the season, and the growing conditions. Read on for our handy chart to find your lawn's height.
Eco-friendly electric LawnBott Evolution robot lawn mower.

Eco-Friendly Green Lawn Care

Watch this video to find out how to make lawn care easier and more eco-friendly by replacing gas powered lawn equipment with a rechargeable robotic lawn mower and a propane powered string trimmer.
environmentally friendly lawn mower

Environmentally Friendly Way to Mow Your Lawn

Changing the way you mow your grass can save water by reducing the need for lawn irrigation. Using a mulching mower and blade and leaving the grass clippings on the lawn will provide natural, organic nitrogen and help retain moisture. Watch this video to find out more.
rechargeable cordless lawn mower

Advantages of Rechargeable Cordless Lawn Mowers

You can’t beat the convenience of cordless tools. But there’s another advantage to battery power when it comes to thinking green, especially when it comes to yard work. You might be surprised to learn that an hour of mowing your yard with a gas-powered lawn mower causes as much pollution as driving 250 miles in a car!
Lawn mower

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Performing a bit of simple, routine maintenance on your lawn mower will make it last longer, and keep it running smoothly all summer long. From changing the oil and spark plug to cleaning the air filter and sharpening the blade, here's what you need to know to keep your mower running its best.

Proper Mowing Techniques

Turf expert Dr. Trey Rogers tells us the best way to insure good lawn health is to mow properly. That begins with a sharp mower blade and mowing more often.