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Cutting grass with a Toro Recycler All-Wheel Drive lawn mower.

What Is the Proper Mowing Height for Grass in Your Yard?

Rasheem asks, “How low, or high, should I cut the grass in my lawn?”

The proper height to mow your lawn depends on the type of grass, the season, and the growing conditions. Read on for our handy chart to find your lawn's height.
Lawn mower cutting grass

How High to Mow Your Lawn for the Final Cut in the Fall

John asks, “What height should I mow my lawn for my final cut of the fall?”

Once your grass stops growing for the season, it's a good idea to give it one last cutting at a lower height. Read on to find out how to give your lawn its final haircut of the year.

Problem with Lawn Mower Engine Running Rough

Judy asks, “After changing the spark plug in my lawn mower, it ran fine once, then started running rough again. What could be the problem?”

There are several solutions to try including adjusting the spark gap, cleaning the air and filters, and switching to ethanol-free gasoline.
Step 5: Install New Spark Plug

How to Change a Lawn Mower Spark Plug

Replacing the spark plug on your lawn mower is an important part of regular maintenance that can make your mower start easier and run smoother. Changing a spark plug can be accomplished in a matter of minutes and costs under $5. Read on to find out how.
Lawn mower

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Performing a bit of simple, routine maintenance on your lawn mower will make it last longer, and keep it running smoothly all summer long. From changing the oil and spark plug to cleaning the air filter and sharpening the blade, here's what you need to know to keep your mower running its best.
Mulching the backyard with a wheelbarrow filled with mulch and a shovel

August Lawn & Garden To-Do List

August is in the hottest and most sultry time of the year. The sun threatens to bake lawns, gardens, and gardeners alike. Read on how to tend your lawn.
Patio after makeover with window seat, area rug and cedar buffet

Fun and Functional Patio Makeover

This patio makeover adds fun and function for the family, grillmaster and the kids! Best of all, the transformation cost just $1,000 in materials.
Paper air filter for lawn mower

How to Change a Lawn Mower Air Filter

If your mower runs rough or is hard to start, you may have a clogged or dirty air filter. Changing or cleaning the air filter is so easy you'll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Read on to find out how to change or clean the air filter on your lawn mower.

Proper Mowing Techniques

Turf expert Dr. Trey Rogers tells us the best way to insure good lawn health is to mow properly. That begins with a sharp mower blade and mowing more often.