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How to Make a Twist-Tie Trellis

Here's an economical and environmentally friendly way to train a vine along a wall or accommodate an odd-shaped spot for a trellis. Recycle the plastic rings that hold soda six-packs. Fasten them together with plastic coated twist-ties to form a trellis.
artist rendering

Outdoor Living At Its Best Web Series: Part 1

In the opening webisode of our Outdoor Living At Its Best web series, we go over the plans for the project with the designer, Catherine Arensberg.

Digging and Pouring a Backyard Swimming Pool

Using heavy equipment to dig the hole for a backyard pool can be a challenge in tight quarters. Once the hole has been dug, steel reinforcement is laid and specially modified concrete is sprayed and shaped to form the sides and bottom of the pool.
Wood mulch in foundation planting bed

Types of Mulch for Your Yard

Watch this video to find out about the many types of mulch that are available for your yard, including cypress mulch, red wood mulch, pine bark, and rubber mulch.
garden arbor

How to Install a Garden Arbor in Your Yard

A garden arbor creates a great focal point for your yard while providing a place for vegetation, such as vines, to grow. Vinyl garden arbor kits are easy to assemble and install.
Building a deck.

Adding a Deck and Landscaping the First Time Homeowner House

Watch this video to see how we installed a pressure treated wood deck, landscaped the yard, and added a crushed limestone driveway to our First Time Homeowner house.
Jodi Marks and Dan Levin with Flex-Drain Pro Drain Pipe

This Flexible Pipe is Perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers

Landscape drainage work is not for the faint of heart, but this flexible pipe makes the job much easier. Watch Jodi Marks' review to learn more!
Different types of landscape border and edging

Landscape Borders and Lawn Edging for Your Yard

Landscape borders and edgings are used to define a planting bed or garden and can serve as a decorative element or act as a barrier to grass and weeds. Watch this video to find out more.
back patio

Outdoor Living At Its Best Web Series: Part 4

It all comes together in the fourth and final webisode of our Outdoor Living At Its Best web series.