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Upcycled water jug used as DIY sprinkler for watering plants

Plastic Jug Watering Can

If you’ve got an empty one-gallon plastic milk jug, here’s an easy way to upcycle the jug into a watering can for plants.

How to Save Water and Money by Adjusting Your Irrigation System

How this 30-minute project can end up saving you money and help your lawn flourish.

How to Make a Sprinkler for Your Lawn or Garden

Want to irrigate your garden and save a few bucks? Grab a plastic bottle and a hose — we're making a sprinkler!

6 Steps to Getting the Perfect Lawn

The warm weather is here, and you're itching to get outside. Here are six steps to ensure you start the season with a kick-off-your-shoes lawn. 1. De-WeedIt's not unusual to have weeds in your...
Branch with ice on it.

When to Water Plants Before a Freeze

Plant cells that are plump with water are stronger, so follow these tips when watering plants for freezing weather.

How to Remove Standing Water in Your Yard with a French Drain

Standing water in your yard is an eyesore and can act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Installing a French drain is a great way to remove standing water from your yard. Watch this video to find out how to construct a French drain.
Sprinkler in yard

Springtime Sprinkler Tune-Up 

Get the warm watering season off to a great start with these springtime sprinkler tune-up tips:Make Sure Spring Has Sprung

Quick DIY Fixes to Common Lawn Sprinkler Problems

Banish annoying lawn sprinkler problems with these DIY how-tos for automatic lawn sprinkler systems. You'll save money in repair costs, and enjoy a lush, green lawn!
St Augustine lawn

Irrigation Tips for a Greener Lawn

If you want that one lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood, then you need to take several steps to get that kind of green, including conducting a soil test and installing an irrigation system.