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5 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Water

Water conservation is fast becoming a priority for many homeowners. Adopt these simple water saving measures to cut your home’s water usage.
Upcycled water jug used as DIY sprinkler for watering plants

Plastic Jug Watering Can

If you’ve got an empty one-gallon plastic milk jug, here’s an easy way to upcycle the jug into a watering can for plants.

How to Save Water and Money by Adjusting Your Irrigation System

How this 30-minute project can end up saving you money and help your lawn flourish.

How to Make a Sprinkler for Your Lawn or Garden

Want to irrigate your garden and save a few bucks? Grab a plastic bottle and a hose — we're making a sprinkler!

6 Steps to Getting the Perfect Lawn

The warm weather is here, and you're itching to get outside. Here are six steps to ensure you start the season with a kick-off-your-shoes lawn. 1. De-Weed It's not unusual to have weeds in your...
Branch with ice on it.

When to Water Plants Before a Freeze

Plant cells that are plump with water are stronger, so follow these tips when watering plants for freezing weather.

How to Remove Standing Water in Your Yard with a French Drain

Standing water in your yard is an eyesore and can act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Installing a French drain is a great way to remove standing water from your yard. Watch this video to find out how to construct a French drain.
Sprinkler in yard

Springtime Sprinkler Tune-Up 

Get the warm watering season off to a great start with these springtime sprinkler tune-up tips: Make Sure Spring Has Sprung

Quick DIY Fixes to Common Lawn Sprinkler Problems

Banish annoying lawn sprinkler problems with these DIY how-tos for automatic lawn sprinkler systems. You'll save money in repair costs, and enjoy a lush, green lawn!