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“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford and wife Sharon tend to a raised garden bed in Alabama.

10 Gardening Tools You’ll Need for Professional Results

These gardening tools are essential for your safety, comfort and productivity. With them, you'll work more efficiently and effectively and get pro results.

How to Grow Vegetables Year-Round

Specially designed for year-round, indoor gardening.
Ryobi pole saw, as as seen at The Home Depot in Mobile, Alabama

Prune Trees with ‘Gas-Like Power’ Pole Saw

Pruning trees isn’t much fun — here’s why Jodi likes this game-changing pole saw!
Woman using the Worx GT cordless string trimmer and edger

The Easy-to-Use Worx GT Trimmer & Edger

Watch this video to find out if the Worx GT cordless string trimmer and edger really works as well as advertised.
Man using the Worx Aerocart as a wheelbarrow.

Worx AeroCart Wheelbarrow and Hand Truck

The Worx AeroCart is a multipurpose garden cart that functions as a wheelbarrow, hand dolly, leaf bag holder, and more. Watch this video to find out more about the Worx AeroCart.
An eroded wrench with a lot of rust.

How to Clean Rusted Tools

Even the most rust-damaged hand tools can be revived.
Gloved hands planting spring plants in the garden

6 Tips To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

Use late winter/early spring to prepare your garden for new blooms, plants and flowers. Follow these 6 steps for the best results.
Joe Truini root remove

A Simple Tool to Remove Roots

Joe Truini shares a Simple Solution for removing roots in your yard.

How to Sharpen A Chainsaw

A chainsaw with a sharp blade is faster and much safer to use than one with a dull blade that just bucks through wood. Here's how to sharpen a chainsaw in 4 easy steps.