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Tall wooden fence gate leading to a beautifully landscaped patio

Repairing a Wooden Fence

The vertical fence boards on a wood fence are often secured with nails, which can work loose over time. Instead of driving the nails back in, replace them with corrosion resistant deck screws, which will stay put. Watch this video to find out more.
Installing landscape timber under gate

How to Keep Dogs from Digging Under a Fence Gate

Some dogs love to escape when confined to a fenced yard, and the easiest way out is often by digging under the gate. Watch this video to see how to prevent your dog from digging under a gate.
sagging fence gate

How to Reinforce a Fence Gate to Keep It from Sagging

A section of preassembled fencing can be used as a gate as long as extra reinforcement is used. Watch this video to find out how to reinforce a gate to keep it from sagging.
White picket fence with gate

Fencing Options for Your Yard

The picket fence we’re installing is made from pressure treated pine and comes in preassembled panels. Watch this video to find out more.
reinforcing a wooden post

How to Reinforce a Wooden Post Set in Concrete

Setting a wooden post in concrete makes it more stable and secure, but as the wood shrinks over time, it can cause the post to become loose. To prevent this from happening, drive several large, rust resistant nails in all four sides of the post at different angles. Watch this video to find out more.
layout fence panels

How to Layout Wood Fence Panels

When installing a wooden picket fence using preassembled fence panels run a string from the top of each fence post to use to level and align the fence panels. Next, position each fence panel on the posts, leaving approximately 2” of space between the bottom of the pickets and the ground. Watch this video to find out more.