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Danny Lipford plumbing fence post.

Tips on Installing a Fence

Read on for tips on how to go about planning and building a fence in your yard.
White picket fence around cottage.

Choosing the Right Fence

Adding a fence around your property can provide you with instant privacy and a sense of security for children and pets. Before making an investment in a fence, it's important to consider several factors and to take a look at all the available options. Read on to find out more.

Fence Post Saver

Once you build a fence it is inevitable that the weather is going to take its toll on it. Fence posts that were originally cut square allow rainwater to soak right into the wood resulting in expansion and splitting of the wood. We've found that by cutting the fence posts at a slight angle the water drains right off rather than sitting and soaking into the wood.

Posthole Depth Marker

A simple, easy way to measure postholes as you dig them is to mark 6-inch graduations up the handle of your posthole diggers (a permanent marker is ideal for the job). A similar approach works well for a shovel handle; only here you can measure from the handle end instead of the blade end so you can invert the tool to measure as you go.

DIY Gate Support Hardware

Large gates often require heavy duty hardware to give them the tension needed to prevent sagging. Watch this video to find out how to make your own.