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How to Correct a Sagging Fence Gate with a Caster

No matter how well you build a wooden fence gate, they have a tendency to sag over time. To correct this problem, use a caster!

These Wide Fence Pickets Make Installation Faster 

Alta Forest Products' Premium Treated Dog-Ear Fence Pickets are wide, so you need fewer boards for a privacy fence.

Simplifying Summer Home Maintenance

In this special-edition Today's Homeowner Podcast, we tell you how to easily keep your home maintenance on track this summer.

Rebuilding 500 ft. of Fence

Solutions for a homeowner who’s installing 500 feet of wood fencing — hear how Danny and Joe would tackle the installation and staining.
Dog running on open property with a lake nearby

How Electronic Dog Collars Keep Pets Safe

If your dog has wide open spaces to roam, you need an electronic fence to keep it safe.
Tall wooden fence gate leading to a beautifully landscaped patio

How to Fix a Sagging Wooden Fence Gate

Wooden fence gates tend to sag over time due to exposure to the elements. Watch this video for an easy way to repair a sagging gate using an Anti-Sag Gate Kit.

7 Garden Fencing Ideas to Create a Backyard Paradise

If you’re looking to transform your space, the right fencing can turn your garden into a haven from the outside world. Here are 7 ideas for inspiration!

Privacy Fence Ideas: Create a Secluded Space Outdoors

Whether you have a small yard or too-close neighbors, you may be thinking about installing a privacy fence. Here's what you need to know before you do anything.

6 Springtime Fence Maintenance Tips

The top of your spring maintenance list should be to evaluate and take inventory of what it will take to bring your fence back to its original condition.