Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Split screen of four interiors, from past to present, showing mid-century interior design to 2020 open floor plan

How Interior Design Has Evolved: From 1950 to 2020

Interior design has always evolved to meet homeowners’ needs and preferences. Here's a look at some of the changes from 1950 to 2020.
Open shelving in a kitchen

How to Make DIY Floating Shelves

These DIY floating shelves expand your kitchen's storage and enhance its design without overpowering the space. Best of all? They're easy to make.

Allied Home Warranty Review (2021)

Allied Home Warranty was a Texas-based company established in 2004 but is now owned by OneGuard Home Warranties. Learn more about your coverage options.
Danny Lipford looks at a wet concrete patio in production at the job site

Solutions for Houses That Slope | Ep. 81

Whether you live in a slope house or have unlevel floors due to an improperly built home that unexpectedly slopes, all kinds of problems can arise.
Uncovered concrete patio

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | August 8, 2020

Your home is your castle — but every palace eventually loses its luster. Here's what you can do about all these problems!
Camper, as seen at night, with the two folding chairs under a pop-out awning

How to Easily Clean Your Camper, Inside and Out

Taking a road trip in the family camper is a popular pastime. But first, it’s important to clean the vehicle. Here are four easy ways to do that.
Dog resting on couch and cat resting in bed in a pet-friendly home

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

Our homes provide comfort, warmth and safety for everyone, and that includes our furry friends. Here are some tips to make your home pet-friendly.
Rat rummaging through old liquor bottles and love letters in the attic

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | August 1, 2020

A rat in the attic is a common sight, but what can you do about it? Listen to the Today's Homeowner Radio Show — jump to the timecode — for the answer!
Cultured marble sink with a vase of flowers, a pump soap dispenser and an unlit candle

How to Remove a Stain from Cultured Marble | Ep. 80

When it comes to stains on cultured marble, don't immediately try to sand them out. Instead, try these two products and let them sit overnight.