Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Delta Dominic kitchen faucet mounted on wall display in home center surrounded by other faucets.

Delta Dominic Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O and Spotshield Technology

Watch this video to find out about the stainless steel Delta Dominic kitchen faucet that can be turned on or off at a touch and has Spotshield Technology to reduce bacteria growth, fingerprints, and water spots.
Elkay Magna double bowl kitchen sink sitting on countertop.

Elkay Magna Double Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Accessories

Watch this video to find out about the Elkay Magna double bowl kitchen sink, which is made of heavy duty stainless steel and comes with two magnetic accessory holders.
Moving the arms of Pinocchio faucet to turn water on and off.

Pinocchio Inspired Faucet for Kitchen or Bath

Brighten up your kitchen or bath with a whimsical Pinocchio faucet from Italian faucet maker Emmevi Rubinetterie that will delight children of all ages. Watch this video to find out more.
Stainless steel single handle pull-down kitchen faucet from Danze.

Replacing Faucet Completes Kitchen Remodel

See how installing a new Danze kitchen faucet adds both style and function to this kitchen renovation. Watch this video to find out more.
Danny Lipford with inexpensive interior upgrades.

Inexpensive Interior Upgrades for Your Home

From adding a decorative ceiling and replacing a worn floor to installing a new kitchen faucet and range hood, here are four great interior upgrades that can improve the look and function of your home.
Feeding tube into liquid soap container.

Soap Dispenser Filling Tip

Tired of the hassle of filling the soap dispenser on your sink? Watch this video for a solution to the problem that only requires a piece of flexible tubing and a few minutes of your time.
Using special locknut and basket wrenches to remove a sink strainer.

How to Remove and Install a Kitchen Sink Strainer

Whether you’re fixing a leak in an existing sink strainer or putting in a new kitchen sink, you’ll need to install the sink strainer. Removing and installing a sink strainer is a fairly easy DIY plumbing project that can be accomplished in an hour or less using a few tools. Read on to find out how.
Moen MotionSense Kitchen Faucet

Moen MotionSense Kitchen Faucet

Watch this video to find out about the Moen MotionSense kitchen faucet, which allows you to turn the water on and off with the wave of a hand.
Kitchen sink and faucet installed in granite countertop

Installing Plumbing Fixtures in the Kuppersmith Project House

Watch this video to find out about the stainless steel sink and eco-performance faucet that were installed in the kitchen of the Kuppersmith Project house, as well as the pneumatic air switch for the garbage disposal.