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new faucet fixtures

Choosing Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures for a Kitchen Renovation

Deciding on the right sink, faucet, and lighting fixtures for your kitchen renovation can make a big difference in both the function of your kitchen and the style you’re trying to achieve. Watch this video to find out more.
Attaching Sylvania LED light to cabinet

Sylvania Battery Powered LED Under-Cabinet Light Review

The name of the Sylvania LED Golden Dragon Puck Lights may be a handful, but these little battery powered, under-cabinet lights are so easy to install and use that you'll be enjoying them before you can say, “Now what were they called again?” Read this review to find out more.
Undercounter kitchen lighting.

Types of Kitchen Lighting Available

Several different types of light fixtures are used in the kitchen to provide adequate light to all areas of the room, including task lighting, room lighting, and ambient lighting. Watch this video to find out more.
led lights hampton bay

LED Lights from Hampton Bay

These LED surface mounted accent lights are available in battery powered or wired versions, and are great for mounting under cabinets or for accent lighting. LED bulbs stay cool to the touch and use half of the electricity of regular bulbs. They’re easy to install and can last up to 20 years. LED Accent lights from Hampton Bay are available at The Home Depot stores.