Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Bedroom closet with cubby holes for shoes and racks to hang shirts and jackets

9 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Storage

Does your home feel cluttered? These storage solutions will keep things organized, accessible and out of sight!
Shoe rack for mudroom or garage

How to Make a Shoe Rack for Your Garage or Mudroom

Build this DIY shoe rack and tracking mud indoors will become a thing of the past.
Tool storage

How to Store Hand Tools and Prevent Rust

This storage trick will keep your tools from banging each other and rusting!
Garage makeover that includes new flooring, a new couch and area rug, a pool table, and a coffee table

Repurposing a Garage into a Fun Teen Hangout

We're repurposing a rarely used garage into a multipurpose room perfect for teens to hang out and Dad to grab tools.
old cabinets are reused and turned into a workbench

How to Upgrade Your Workbench with Old Cabinets

Watch this video for some practical workbench options for your shop or garage from portable to permanent.

How to Create More Storage with Hanging Shoe Bags

Hanging shoe bags work great for storing tubes of caulking, cans of spray paint, and other items in your garage or workshop. Clear plastic bags allow you to easily see the items that are stored. Since full bags can be heavy, be sure to provide plenty of support when hanging them on the wall. Watch this video to find out how.
Spider crawling on wooden plank outside home

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your House for Good

Follow these tips to keep spiders out of your home for good.

‘My Hillside Garage Stays Moist and Mold — What Can I Do?’

A listeners home is built into a hillside and the garage is constantly collecting moisture. What she can do that will keep her from having a dehumidifier running non-stop.
Garage or Carport

Garages vs. Carports: Which is best for you?

Should you get a garage or carport? Each has its pros and cons.