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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 29, 2020

Gary wants to add a new vent fan into a bathroom.  The contractor he's working with seems to be suggesting venting to the attic.  He's not sure if that is the best option.
Sunroom makeover, after

Sunroom Makeover: From Institutional to Rustic Retreat

We're helping a couple renovate a well-worn sunroom to create a rustic retreat with refreshed bookshelves, a new ceiling and luxury vinyl tiles!

How to Properly Prep for a Bathroom Renovation

Bob needs advice picking the best material for sturdy walls that would go behind plastic shower panels. 
Woman Painting Popcorn Ceiling During Home Remodeling

How to Make Your Touch-Up Paint Stand Out

If your touch-up paint no longer blends with your walls or ceilings, here's what you need to do.
Newly stained and sealed wood floors

How to Fix a Squeaky Wood Floor

Do you have noisy wood planks? Follow our tips to fix those squeaky floors!
Scrub brush and power drill with a plus sign in between

How to Clean Tiles Faster Than Ever

Attach the head of a scrub brush to a power drill and you'll never hand-scrub tile floors again!
Carpeted stairs

How to Take the Squeak out of Your Floors

No one wants squeaky floors! Here's what you can do about them.

How To Prolong Your HVAC’s Life And Save Money | Ep. 47

Learn how to keep your forced-air heating and cooling system from clogging — it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

How to Repair an Uneven Floor

When your floors aren't level, that's a problem. Here's what you can do about it.