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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show Podcast | August 20, 2022

This week, listen to learn about fire concerns with open floor plans, fixing a sticky vinyl floor and more. 
Laminate flooring install

Do Baseboards Have to be Removed to Install Laminate Flooring? | Ep. 160

Installing laminate flooring doesn't require removing baseboards. But you need this molding to cover gaps between the flooring and baseboards.
Vinyl floor bubble

3 Steps to Fix Bubbles in Vinyl Floors

Bubbles in vinyl flooring happen when moist air rises from below and gets trapped. Here's an easy fix.
linoleum tile floor

Removing Old Linoleum Can Release Asbestos

Old linoleum is a major source of asbestos. Ripping it up can release untold numbers of microscopic pieces of friable asbestos into the air.
Terrazzo granite resurfacer on a front porch

Daich Coatings Terrazzo Wins a 2021 Pro Tool Innovation Award

Terrazzo™, a decorative granite resurfacer product from Daich Coatings, has won a 2021 Pro Tool Innovation Award in the category of “Paints, Primers and Coatings.”
Bare feet, seen close up, walking on wood plank flooring installed over radiant heating system

What You Should Know About Heated Floors

Your home's best heating source could exist just beneath your feet. Here's what you should know about heated floors.

Wax Buildup on Laminate Floors 

Terri is having trouble getting rid of a waxy buildup on her laminate flooring.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 7, 2020

Heading into "Termite Week" Danny and Joe spoke with expert entomologist Dr. Jim Fredericks about the dangers this pest poses on your house.

Bamboo Flooring Is Both Durable and Stylish

Bamboo flooring is both durable and stylish.