Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Furniture Refinishing Tips

Refinishing old furniture can be very rewarding, but it can also be quite a mess. Here are a few tips to simplify the task. To remove chemical stripper and finish without gouging the wood use a plastic putty knife with rounded edges or an old plastic kitchen spatula.

How To Paint Over Wallpaper

Can you paint over wallpaper? Yes, it's possible! We'll show you how.
Damaged Louisiana home following Hurricane Ida

Metal Roof Protects Louisiana Couple’s Home During Hurricane Ida

A Louisiana couple's decision to install a metal roof on their Bayou-front home saved it from Hurricane Ida's destruction.
Ask Danny

How to Remove Paint Drips on Walls

Jane asks, “How can I remove paint drips on my newly painted walls?”

Use a sharp chisel or razor blade to carefully slice the drip off the wall, then lightly sand the spot until it’s smooth with the surrounding surface, and touch up the spot using matching wall paint. Read on to find out more.

Using Asphalt Shingles on a Low Slope Roof

Mike asks, "I just bought a house with a roof section that has a low 1"-2" pitch, should I use rubber roofing or are shingles acceptable?"

Asphalt shingles usually require a 4” or greater rise for every horizontal foot of run, though it's possible to use them on a lower sloped roof. Read on for details.

Proper Way to Clean a Paintbrush

Watch this video to find out how to clean and store a paintbrush after using.

Homeowner’s Guide to Caulk

Whether it’s sealing around the tub, keeping the winter chill at bay, or hiding unsightly cracks, caulking plays an important role in your home. Used to bridge gaps where materials meet, caulking performs the essential function of keeping water and outside air where they belong, while making paint jobs last longer.

How to Make a Wood Pallet Turkey

How to create a rustic turkey for your porch using a pallet.

Tips to Keep Your Paint Roller Clean

Find out how to protect paint rollers with masking tape and keep roller lint from coming off on your walls. Watch this video to find out how.