Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Controlling Power Surges

Power or voltage surges are very short periods of high voltage. An extremely high voltage surge can damage major appliance motors and totally destroy sensitive electronic equipment.
Landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting Design Tips

There are few things quite as pleasing as an artfully lit landscape, but it can be a surprising challenge to make it appear natural. Read on for tips on how to design and layout landscape lighting in your yard.

80-Year-Old Kitchen Renovation

In this episode we remodeled an 80-year-old kitchen in a home, which required inspecting and reinforcing the existing foundation to make sure that it would support the additional weight of new cabinets, appliances and stone countertops.

Power Where You Need It

More and more tools these days are cordless, but from time to time you still need to plug a tool in. That usually leads to an extension cord strung across the garage or workshop floor which in turn leads to someone inevitably tripping over it.
Wiring a circuit breaker box

How to Hire an Electrician for Your Home

Read this article to find out what you need to know about how to hire and work with a licensed, qualified electrician when building or remodeling a home.
Recessed light fixtures on ceiling.

Interior Lighting: Adding a Pleasant Atmosphere

Good lighting is a must have in any home. Not only is lighting functional, but it also creates a mood and atmosphere in any room. By using different lighting combinations, the same room can take on a whole new look. Read on to find out how.
Joe Truini applying caulk to drywall ceiling around recessed light fixture hole.

How to Seal Recessed Light Fixtures for Energy Efficiency

Watch this video to find out how to seal recessed light fixtures to improve energy efficiency by caulking the trim kit to the ceiling.