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Torn window screen

How to Fix a Torn Window Screen

Who doesn’t enjoy opening the windows and letting the warm breezes blow through your home? If your screens are letting more than the fresh air into your home, listen to this tip to find out how to solve the problem.
Windows in children's room

Window Safety Tips for Homeowners with Children

As the weather warms up, we all want to open up the windows and let in the fresh air. Listen to this tip to find out about window safety in your home.
Danny caulking a home before fall and winter arrive

4 Places to Waterproof in Your Home Before Fall

To protect your home, spend extra time waterproofing the house well before the first freeze hits.

Top Window Ideas and Trends for 2019

When it comes to windows and window treatments, here's what's in.

Plexiglass vs. Glass: Which is Right for Your Windows?

When it comes to windows, many homeowners narrow their decision to glass or plexiglass. Each has its pros and cons, so before you make a decision, consider these factors.

5 Reasons Why Your Home is Hot — and What to Do About Them

During the summer, it's nice to go indoors to avoid heat and harmful UV rays.But sometimes, it's also hot inside your home, even though you have air conditioning. That's when it's time to...
“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford tests a retractable screen door from Wizard Screens

Advantages of Retractable Screens for Covered Decks and Porches

It's nice to lounge on a porch or covered patio — until mosquitoes ruin the day. Here's a solution to keep those pests away.

3 Tips to Enjoy Your Home in the Summer

It’s time to rethink your home — the building you live in is more than four walls and roof; a place to eat and sleep; shelter from storms.Your backyard can be a paradise, your...

3 Tips to Benefit from Natural Light in Your Home

Want to save money? Take advantage of natural light. It's good for your power bill and your health!