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Chalky paint, Behr’s chalk decorative paint with Jodi Marks

Quick & Easy Antique Look

In recent years it's become popular to refinish furniture to create an aged, antique look using Chalk Paint.

Bamboo Flooring Is Both Durable and Stylish

Bamboo flooring is both durable and stylish.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 29, 2020

Gary wants to add a new vent fan into a bathroom.  The contractor he's working with seems to be suggesting venting to the attic.  He's not sure if that is the best option.
Cozy small kitchen with blue curtains

7 Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Cozy

Winter weather naturally makes your home look and feel cold. If you’re looking for ideas to make your small kitchen feel cozy, here are seven ideas.

Why Your Paint May Be Cracking and How to Fix It

Cracking paint — it's every painter's worst nightmare, and it happens far too often. Here's why it happens, and how to fix it!

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 22, 2020

Today's Homeowner RadioListener QuestionsElectric to Gas Light ConversionJan...
DIY Shoe Rack

Custom Build Your Own Shoe Rack

Create a custom-built shoe rack for your closet.

Hang up to 125lbs Worth of Art on a Wall Without a Stud

When you're hanging a lightweight print or photograph, there's a stud right where you need to put the nail. But start to hang a heavy mirror or clock and the studs are nowhere near where you need them. This is scary. You don't want that mirror to come crashing down on someone, so you wrestle with wall anchors and toggle bolts. But not anymore.
National Gypsum Soundbreak XP Drywall

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 15, 2020

Need help soundproofing your home? This product keeps unwanted noises out! Also: a beam in Rich's basement is pushing a block, causing cracks to form on the home's exterior — learn what we can do about that, and more, here.