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Worn-out concrete patio on a gloomy Sunday

How to Renew a Worn-Out Concrete Patio

 Anthony from North Carolina says, "We just bought a house that was built in the '70s. There's a great patio in the backyard, but the concrete is so worn that you can see rocks...

New Cracks in a New Patio

A listener is unhappy with his new concrete patio. A couple of cracks began to form and he wants to know if there is a way to fill them in.
Upgraded patio with new furniture, shade sail, new flowers and resurfaced concrete

From Plain Patio to Relaxing Retreat

First-time homeowner Kelsey Sigler gets a fun, relaxing patio to enjoy after long days on the job as a teacher.
Concrete patio

3 Tips to Lengthen Your Concrete Patio’s Life

A concrete patio is beautiful and durable, but regular maintenance strengthens the surface and lengthens its life. Here are 3 tips to protect your patio.
Fast Setting or Regular Concrete

Fast-Setting or Standard Concrete: How to Decide

Should you use fast-setting or standard concrete? The answer depends on your project. Follow our guide to learn more about each type and decide!

How to Remove Thinset Residue from a Concrete Patio

A concrete patio has has thinset residue and the homeowner says she's tried everything to remove it. Except for this — and it's the surefire solution!

3 Benefits of Fast-Setting Concrete

Standard concrete isn’t the only way to secure something in the ground, and for some jobs, there’s an easier alternative.Here are three benefits of fast-setting concrete.1. It requires no mixing for small projects. For...

How to Broom-Finish Concrete — and Why It’s Important

A bristled broom is all you need to finish a concrete patio and make it safe to walk on.

How to Broom-Finish Concrete — and Why It’s Important

Adding a concrete patio is an easy, affordable way to enhance a blank-slate backyard. Anyone can use Quikrete concrete mixes to pour a slab and extend their living space outdoors; it doesn’t require special training...