Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
strenghten a sunroom addition

How to Strengthen Wall Framing on a Sunroom

Framing the walls on a sunroom can be a challenge, since the large number of windows and doors allows for little structural support. Here are some steps that I like to take to reinforce and strengthen the framing.
Notches cut in sawhorse top for 2x2 strips

How to Support Sheets of Plywood When Cutting

When cutting sheets of plywood, it’s important to support the entire piece to keep it from pinching the blade of the saw. Watch this video to find out how to modify sawhorses to safely support plywood when cutting sheets with a circular saw.
Floor sander

Floor Sanding: Knowing When to Call in a Pro

There are very few home improvement projects that I don’t do myself; which is both a blessing and a curse, just ask my wife. Over the past few years I’ve built a bathroom, constructed a mahogany bookcase, hung drywall, laid an engineered-wood floor, and installed wainscoting. However, even I, a fearless (some say, foolish) DIY-er, know when it’s time to call in a pro.

How to Find the Center of a Circle

Whether you're drilling holes in a flower pot or dabbling in carpentry, finding the exact center of a circle can be a challenge. Read on for an easy solution to finding the center of a circle that will work with any project or material.
Finished back porch addition with fireplace

Foundation and Framing for a Back Porch Addition

The back porch addition for this historic home included a large fireplace and decorative scroll cuts in the bottom of the exposed rafters to match the design on the house. Watch this video to see how it was done.

How to Install Crown Molding the Easy Way

Find out how to install crown molding the easy way using premade inside and outside corner blocks. Watch this video to find out more.
Raising the rafters on a bedroom addition

Framing the Addition on the Kuppersmith Project House

Once the foundation for the master bedroom addition on the Kuppersmith Project house was complete, framing could begin. The steps involved in framing the addition included installing the floor joists, subfloor, walls, ceiling joists, rafters, and roof decking. Watch this video to see how it’s done.
Henry Aaron talking with Danny Lipford in his renovated childhood home.

Homecoming for Hank: Moving Henry Aaron’s Childhood Home

The childhood home of baseball legend Henry Aaron, was moved to the Mobile BayBears stadium in Mobile, Alabama. After more than a year of renovation, the home was opened as a museum devoted to Hank Aaron’s life and impressive career.

Do It! How to Cut an Out-of-Square Miter Joint

A 45° miter joint is the perfect way to join two pieces of molding in a 90° corner. Unfortunately not all corners are exactly 90-degrees, so the miter joint has to be adapted to fit tightly. Watch this video to find out how.