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How to Build a Twin Day Bed

Day beds are versatile furniture pieces that don’t have to be confined to a bedroom. Here's how to build one.

How to Build a Pergola Roof | Ep. 174

Pergolas shade you from the sun, but don't keep the rain out. Build a pergola roof to keep you dry during pop-up rain showers!
A cornhole game board with red and blue bags

Cornhole Game: How to Build the Board

The cornhole game is a popular pastime for tailgate entertainment or backyard fun. Here's how to build your own!
lumber prices

Lumber Prices Nearly Triple Going Into 2022

Going into 2022, lumber prices have tripled. Factors lingering from the Covid-19 pandemic and new issues are contributing to the steady price increase.
shaving cream and razor

Shaving Cream Carpet Cleaning Trick

You can remove most carpet stains with ordinary shaving cream.

Squeaky Floor Solution

Debbie has a squeaky floor problem.  Can she fix the floor without having to remove the carpet?
Joe Truini reads from the tape measure

Take Notes With Your Tape Measure

One of the key steps in making accurate cuts is remembering the measurement once you get to the saw to make the cut. Rather than carrying around a notepad, try this.

How to Keep Your Putty Knife Clean After Every Use

Before using your putty knife to spread joint compound, wood glue or construction adhesive, stick a piece of clear packing tape onto the blade.

Clean Air in Your Shop: Picking the Right Dust Collection System

Today's Homeowner RadioListener QuestionsDust Collection Options for Any Workshop Tom is creating a...