Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

How to Add Grit to a Slick Driveway

William's aggregate driveway is slanted and slick. He needs to know if there is a way to make it easier to walk on.
Woman unscrewing a faucet aerator.

How to Fix a Clogged Faucet Aerator

If a sink faucet suddenly provides low pressure, or water is gushing out, you may have a clogged aerator. Here's how to fix it.
Delta Broadmoor bath faucet with pull-down spray wand

Pull-Down Sprayer in the Bathroom? Yes, Please!

The pull-down spray wand is now available for bathroom sinks, too.

How to Unclog a Sink in Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Frustrated by a clogged sink? Watch this video for Joe Truini's tips on how to unclog a sink with just a plunger. Anybody can do it!
Eco-friendly bathroom with ceramic tile floors and blue walls

5 Ways to Freshen up a Bathroom

Light remodeling is one of the biggest trends these days. Learn what it means, and how easy it is from Danny Lipford.
Using a plunger to unclog a kitchen sink.

How to Unclog a Sink Drain Fast

Watch this video for tips on how to unclog bathroom or kitchen sink drains in no time using a drain snake or a plunger.

Take Back Your Bathroom From Germs & Odor

Where to look when you are deep cleaning your bathroom.

Inspiration for a More Beautiful, Functional Bathroom

On "Today's Homeowner," we always say that small changes can make a big impact, and that certainly applies in on of the busiest rooms in the house: the bathroom.
Moving the arms of Pinocchio faucet to turn water on and off.

Pinocchio Inspired Faucet for Kitchen or Bath

Brighten up your kitchen or bath with a whimsical Pinocchio faucet from Italian faucet maker Emmevi Rubinetterie that will delight children of all ages. Watch this video to find out more.