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Water running over a garbage disposal

Drain Clog Dissolving Solution

Many of you are in the middle of spring cleaning and one chore around the house that you should definitely consider tackling is unclogging those slow draining kitchen or bathroom sinks.  There are a lot of cleaners out there that boast how powerful they are, but what we often see is how powerful their chemical smell is!  That’s not a problem with Green Gobblers Drain Clog Dissolver!

Remove Tub Faucet Junk With Ease

Over time the diverter valve on a bathtub faucet can become encrusted with mineral deposits, salt and sediment, making it difficult to operate and causing you to have to yank on it in order to direct the water up to the showerhead. Here is how to fix this problem.
Joe Truini siphons standing water from a bathroom sink with a water toy

How to Remove Standing Water From a Clogged Sink

Need to remove standing water from a clogged sink — and lack a wet-dry vac? This toy doubles as a siphon pump, and you can buy one at the dollar store!
Delta Broadmoor bath faucet with pull-down spray wand

This Faucet Makes Bathroom Cleaning Easy

The pull-down spray wand is now available for bathroom sinks, too. Meet the Broadmoor Bath Faucet from Delta.
White painted cabinets with modern hardware

How to Protect Your Cabinet Under a Kitchen Sink

Water leaks can damage bare cabinet flooring under your kitchen sink — here's how to protect it.

How to Add Grit to a Slick Driveway

William's aggregate driveway is slanted and slick. He needs to know if there is a way to make it easier to walk on.
Woman unscrewing a faucet aerator.

How to Fix a Clogged Faucet Aerator

If a sink faucet suddenly provides low pressure, or water is gushing out, you may have a clogged aerator. Here's how to fix it.
Delta Broadmoor bath faucet with pull-down spray wand

Pull-Down Sprayer in the Bathroom? Yes, Please!

The pull-down spray wand is now available for bathroom sinks, too.

How to Unclog a Sink in Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Frustrated by a clogged sink? Watch this video for Joe Truini's tips on how to unclog a sink with just a plunger. Anybody can do it!