Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Candle Safety

Holiday decorating is in full swing by now for many of you. Listen to this tip to find out how to keep your home safe while you make it festive.

Cold Weather Crafts

The holidays are full of opportunities for craft and decorating projects. Listen for some tips to make them go smoothly.

Choose Fresh Christmas Tree

Are you one of those people who wait until the last minute to buy a Christmas tree? Listen to this tip to make sure you get a fresh one.
CFL bulb with grass

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Green Christmas Holiday

Green is one of the traditional colors of the Christmas season, but the green we have in mind is the environmentally friendly kind. Here’s a list of some eco-friendly, energy saving tips that will put you at the top of Santa’s nice list this holiday season. Read on to find out more.
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Holiday Home Safety Tips

Every year about 8,000 injuries occur from accidents related to holiday decorating activities. Decorating with safety in mind can keep you from becoming one of those grim statistics.