Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Sharkbite toilet connector and Jodi Marks

SharkBite Makes It Easy to Install a Toilet

Sharkbite's Click Seal Toilet Connector is the easiest way to install a new toilet line. Watch Jodi Marks' review to learn more!

How to Hang Pictures up to 125 Pounds

Hanging pictures and other heavy items, such as large mirrors and clocks, is easier than ever with this product. Watch Jodi Marks' review!
Mudroom with drop zone, after renovation

Building a Beautiful Mudroom to Hide the Garage

Looking for mudroom ideas? We're building a small hall to separate the garage from a home's side entrance, making it more inviting for guests.
Joe Truini reads from the tape measure

How to Make Tape Measure Reading Simple

Forget your notepad — this tip makes tape measure reading simple, so you don't have to remember the measurements before returning to the saw.
Jodi Marks and Dan display Werner's multi-position ladder

Werner’s Multi-Position Ladder is Safe and Easy to Move

Werner has finally done it — made a multi-position ladder that's as easy to move as it is to use. Watch this video to see Jodi Marks' review.
Mike and Becky Nance’s bedroom, after it’s been converted from a loft

Upgrading a Loft to a Bedroom for Just $500

If you want to enclose a loft, it's actually pretty easy and affordable. Here's how we converted a loft into a bedroom for just $500.
Joe Truini demonstrating adjustable benchstop in his workshop

Save Time Woodworking with this Bench Stop

An adjustable bench stop is a convenient safety feature for your workshop. Watch this video to learn how to make woodworking projects more user-friendly!
Joe Truini loosening screws with screwdriver and wrench

How to Loosen Screws with 3 Kinds of Screwdrivers

Removing tight screws sometimes requires using other tools. Here's how to loosen stubborn screws with three kinds of screwdrivers.
Commercial Electric can LED recessed lighting on display at The Home Depot

Recessed LED Lighting with a Bonus Nightlight

Commercial Electric's LED can light changes colors to match any light bulb in your home. Watch this video to learn why Jodi Marks recommends it!