Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

How to Install a Tile Backsplash Using a Self-Adhesive Mat

Installing a tile backsplash has never been cleaner, easier or quicker!
Danny Lipford installing drywall

How to Drywall a Basement Wall

Covering exposed masonry walls with drywall is easy. But don't forget to waterproof the surface beforehand.

Get the Weathered Look with These Boards

Here's how to get the rustic look of reclaimed wood from an old barn or a fence.
Jodi Marks with Miracle-Gro vegetable gardening system

The Best System for Growing an Indoor Vegetable Garden

Growing a vegetable garden outdoors can be difficult, but Miracle-Gro's Twelve Indoor Growing System takes the guesswork out of the process.
Jodi Marks demonstrates the Smart GE Whole House Filtration System

Protect Your Whole House’s Water with This System

This one device protects your plumbing, appliances, your house and, most importantly, your family.
Mike and Becky Nance’s bedroom, after it’s been converted from a loft

Upgrading a Loft to a Bedroom for Just $500

If you want to enclose a loft, it's actually pretty easy and affordable. Here's how we converted a loft into a bedroom for just $500.
Garage makeover that includes new flooring, a new couch and area rug, a pool table, and a coffee table

Repurposing a Garage into a Fun Teen Hangout

We're repurposing a rarely used garage into a multipurpose room perfect for teens to hang out and Dad to grab tools.

Do It! Hack Your Wrenches to Bust Nuts Loose

Combination wrenches and box-end wrenches are two of the most common tools you reach for when you need to loosen a nut. But, they do have their limitations.
How to Replace Broken Window Pane

How to Replace Broken Window Pane

Replacing a broken pane doesn't require a lot of effort or time. First start with removing the glazing around the broken pane and have a new piece of glass cut to size.