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Solution for a Slippery Deck

A listener's son installed a brand new composite deck. She says the deck looks great but is extremely slippery. Danny and Joe go over a few ways she can make the new deck safer.

Creating a Backyard Paradise with a Paver Patio

We’re converting a Knoxville homeowner's simple backyard into a Backyard Paradise.

3 Tips to Enjoy Your Home in the Summer

It’s time to rethink your home — the building you live in is more than four walls and roof; a place to eat and sleep; shelter from storms.Your backyard can be a paradise, your...
Maximize Outdoor Living patio

Maximize Outdoor Living

Leah and Justin get a comfortable, inviting patio where they can entertain guests.
Sweeping sand over patio pavers

Kill the Stain: A Quick Paver Sand Stain Fix

Because of the polymer, the sand mixture has a tendency to stain in the same way that regular mortar stains brick.