Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Always pressure-wash your concrete patio — and let it thoroughly dry — before sealing it.

Summer Home Improvement Tips for 2020 | Ep. 73

It’s time to turn our attention toward summer home maintenance tips, and there’s no better guide for that than our Four Seasons of Home Ownership Checklist.
Making concrete pathway with Quikrete WalkMaker

How to Create a Concrete Pathway with Quikrete WalkMaker

Want to avoid walking on the grass? Create a concrete pathway with Quikrete WalkMaker! This project couldn't be easier — here's how to do it.
Man drags broom over wet concrete to give it a rough surface

Buying Concrete: 12 Tips to Determining Project Success

Where your project is big or small, figuring out how much concrete you need and what type of mix are important.
Man applies concrete to slab with trowel

Tools You Need to Work with Concrete

Before you start working on a concrete project, check this list. Chances are, you’ll need these tools to do the job.
Man pours concrete mix into a mixer

When Do You Need a Concrete Mixer?

If you need to mix concrete, a wheelbarrow and hoe get the job done. But you’ll need a portable concrete mixer for bigger projects.

Get Creative With Quikrete Concrete Products (Special Podcast)

In this special edition Today's Homeowner Podcast, Danny speaks with Allison Hunt from Quikrete about innovative concrete products.
Smoothing cement with trowel

12 Tips to Buying Concrete that will Increase Your Projects Success

Whether a project is small -- like steps -- or larger in scope like a patio, figuring how much concrete you need is done the same way.