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Danny Lipford installs wood deck post in concrete footing

Setting Posts in Concrete the Easy Way

No deck, fence or mailbox would last very long without a strong foundation, and that starts with setting the posts in concrete.
Cracked concrete walkway beside a tree in a southern Alabama neighborhood

Concrete Repair Made Easy: DIY Fixes With Quikrete

Got cracked concrete? Here's how you can easily repair concrete surfaces with affordable Quikrete products.
Concrete block wall in a basement, leaking

How to Fix a Leak in the Basement with Quikrete

A leak in a basement wall is a big problem, but there's a quick fix that lasts long term. Watch this video for more information.
Man applies Quikrete Re-Cap Resurfacer to spalling concrete slab

Solved: How to Resurface Spalling Concrete

Concrete can flake due to corrosion, impact and weathering. You don’t have to live with spalling concrete, or tear out a damaged patio and pour a new one.
Danny Lipford looks at a wet concrete patio in production at the job site

Solutions for Houses That Slope | Ep. 81

Whether you live in a slope house or have unlevel floors due to an improperly built home that unexpectedly slopes, all kinds of problems can arise.
Danny Lipford looks at a wet concrete patio in production at the job site

Cement vs. Concrete: Understanding the Difference

People often say ‘cement’ and ‘concrete’ interchangeably, but these words have different meanings. Here’s what you should know about cement vs. concrete.
Always pressure-wash your concrete patio — and let it thoroughly dry — before sealing it.

Summer Home Improvement Tips for 2020 | Ep. 73

It’s time to turn our attention toward summer home maintenance tips, and there’s no better guide for that than our Four Seasons of Home Ownership Checklist.
Man pours a bucket of water into the Quikrete countertop concrete mix in a wheelbarrow

How to Choose the Best Quikrete Concrete Mix

Not sure about the best Quikrete Concrete Mix to use? Here are three of the most popular options and what you should know about them.
Fast Setting or Regular Concrete

Fast-Setting or Standard Concrete: How to Decide

Should you use fast-setting or standard concrete? The answer depends on your project. Follow our guide to learn more about each type and decide!