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Milwaukee Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Milwaukee cordless wet/dry vac resembles a toolbox, making it easy to carry and store. Models are available in either 18 or 28 volt and use NiCd or lithium ion batteries.

Handy Ladder Pail

The Handy Ladder Pail from Bercom holds over a gallon of paint or other liquids. A foldout metal bracket attaches securely to both step and extension ladders while the built-in magnet holds a paintbrush or putty knife when not in use.

Eco-Friendly Mold Control for Your Home

Mold in your home can cause serious health problems, but the toxic chemicals used to combat it are often just as harmful. Concrobium Mold Control kills and prevents mold without dangerous chemicals. It’s odorless and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
grip level

Black & Decker Gecko Grip Level

Gecko Grip Levels from Black & Decker are available in 24” and 36” lengths. Both come with rubber pads that grip the wall without leaving marks. The 3’ level has sliding marking targets for easy alignment of multiple holes when hanging pictures. The 2’ version comes with a built-in torpedo level and stud finder.
dap drydex spackling compound

DAP DryDex Spackling Compound

If you’ve ever wondered how long you need to wait before painting after repairing a wall, DAP DryDex Spackling Compound is for you. The spackling goes on pink but turns white to indicate that it’s dry and ready to sand and paint.
ceiling fan

Hunter Perfect Balance Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans are a great way to stay cool in the summer and circulate warm air in the winter, they have a tendency to wobble when the blades are out of balance or improperly installed. Hunter’s innovative new Perfect Balance self-adjusting blade balancing system can put an end to annoying blade wobble once and for all with a shifting disk inside the motor housing automatically balances the fan each time it rotates.
dremel multi vise

Dremel Multi-Vise

The Dremel Multi-Vise attaches to work surfaces up to 2½” thick. The cushioned jaws can grip even delicate objects and expand to over 7” wide. A locking ball and socket base allows the clamp to rotate 360° and tilt up to 50º in any direction for easy positioning.
frog tape

FrogTape Painter’s Tape

Paint tends to seep under painter's tape, making it hard to remove and leaving an uneven line. FrogTape from Shurtape Technologies has solved those problems by adding a thin layer of a superabsorbent material that reacts instantly with latex paint to prevent it from seeping underneath.
greenbuild expo 2008 best new products

GreenFiber Cellulose Insulation

Not only can additional insulation reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable, but GreenFiber cellulose insulation is made from 85% recycled material and uses 10% less energy to make. It can be blown or damp sprayed into walls, floors, and attics. The natural fibers are treated with a nontoxic chemical for flame resistance and are guaranteed for the life of your home.