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Danny Lipford standing in front of poured concrete driveway.

The Kuppersmith Project 8: Screens & Driveway

We’re tackling a number of projects outside on the Kuppersmith Project, including installing motorized retractable screens and pouring a colored concrete driveway. Inside we’re putting in a shower surround and putting down a tile floor in the bathroom.

Special Tub Valve Allows Customized Bathing Experience

One of the most popular finishes for plumbing fixtures these days is brushed nickel, which we're using throughout the Kuppersmith Project, since it seems to go with everything. We also installed a great digital shower/tub system that has personalized setting for each member of the family. Watch this video to find out more.

Remote Controlled Shower

With this Moen IODigital system, you can program and control your shower through remote control.

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Wall mounted digital shower controller

Programmable Shower Installed in the Kuppersmith Project House

For the ultimate showering experience in the Kuppersmith Project master bathroom, we installed a programmable shower valve which can be programmed to control every aspect of the showering experience – from water temperature to different types of sprays. Watch this video to find out more.

Installing Moen Fixtures

The crew installs Moen fixtures in my kitchen.

Make Life Easier with Little Effort

Moen ioDIGITAL is “set and forget” technology at its finest.

Watersense® 101

Moen Offers Tips to Save Water and Money in Your Bath with the Best Sustainable Products

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