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Closeup, overhead view of a toilet, mid-flush, as cash goes down the drain

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Wondering how to fix a running toilet? Watch this video to learn the two best methods: replacing the flapper valve or adjusting the water level in the tank.
Illustration of a toilet with a see-through tank and a red Fluidmaster flapper

How to Test for Toilet Tank and Bowl Leaks

Leaks from a toilet tank or bowl can waste thousands of gallons of water if left unrepaired. Watch this video to learn if your toilet is leaking.

How to Replace a Toilet Flapper Valve

Have a constantly running commode? The toilet flapper valve can crack and warp, which causes water to leak. Watch this video for the easy fix.
Split screen of a toilet and a woman installing a new Fluidmaster fill valve

Toilet Parts You Should Regularly Replace

Toilets leak, wear out and break down. Replacement is unnecessary when a little maintenance can do the trick. Here are four toilet parts you should replace.
Basement in older home

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | November 14, 2020

Whether you have a leak in the basement, need to bring back brass' shine or replace wooden expansion joints, we're here to help. Listen for tips!
Mulching the backyard in the fall

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | October 10, 2020

Preparing your home for cooler temperatures means tackling a list of chores, especially outdoors. One of them is mulching — yes, in the fall.
A Marble Marvel Bathroom Transformation

Bathroom Renovation: From the Eighties to Modern

This bathroom renovation will bring new life to a dark, dated bathroom straight from the 1980s — and peace to two girls who use it.
Illustration of toilet with a no-wax seal, caps, screws and other parts

3 Ways To Make Toilet Installation More DIY-Friendly

Need to install a toilet, but uncomfortable with plumbing projects? These innovative products make toilet installation more DIY-friendly than ever.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | September 28, 2019

Wax or rubber? When it comes to toilets, it's the age-old question for every homeowner.