Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Tape Measure Care

The tape measure is probably one of the most important items in your tool box. Listen for tips on how to keep it working smoothly and accurately.
Danny Lipford tailgating with Generac iQ2000 portable generator..

Cool Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Watch this video for tips on how to get your house ready for cooler weather, including sealing up cracks, having your heating system serviced, and buying a generator for powering DIY projects and tailgating.

How to Insulate Attic Stairs

With colder weather approaching people are looking for ways to stop every draft they can in their homes. Listen for a tip on how to insulate your attic stairs.

Simple Winter Energy Savings

Once the temperatures outside really begin to drop, your utility bills will start going up. Listen for some tips to keep them under control without breaking your budget.
Chelsea Lipford Wolf and homeowner paint laminate countertop

How To Paint Countertop Laminate

Listen to this tip to find out how to improve the look of worn plastic laminate countertops by painting them with a special coating.
Installing the triple draft door seal

How to Block Drafts from Entering Under Doors

Watch this video to learn how to install a Duck Brand Triple Draft Seal beneath an entry door to block drafts.

Root of the Problem

Some home repairs seem like they never end. Listen to this tip to find out how to get to the source of a home improvement problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.