Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
installing insulation

Tackling Fall Maintenance and Weatherization Chores

Fall chores include insulating and weatherizing your home in preparation for the cooler months ahead.

Circular Saw Safety

When it comes to home improvement, safety is one of the most important considerations. Before you turn on that circular saw in your workshop listen for some common sense safety tips.

4 Seasons of Home Ownership: Fall 2017

We go through the 4 Seasons of Home Ownership fall checklist with Phillip and Kate DeKeyser to help them get their 1940s home ready for fall.

Frozen Pipes

January usually brings us the coldest weather of the season and for many that means frozen pipes. Listen to this tip to find out how to avoid frozen pipes in your home.

Sealing Cracks Around Doors and Windows

Listen for some tips on how to seal gaps and cracks around doors and windows using foam weather stripping, rope caulk, and by replacing worn door thresholds.

How To Use a Power Allen Wrench

Whether it was gift from the holidays or a purchase you made yourself, assembling furniture can be tedious. Listen for some tips on how to speed up the process.
Chelsea Lipford Wolf installs The Duck Brand's Max Window Roll On Kit

3 Steps to Prevent Drafty Windows

Your home should provide shelter from winter weather. Here are three steps to prevent drafty windows so you can stay comfortable as temperatures dip.
“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford and Brittany Lapidus

Weatherize Your Home With These Duck Brand Products

We're talking about Duck Brand's weatherization products that keep your home energy-efficient, regardless of the season.

Zero VOC Paint

During the long months of winter we take more notice of our indoor air quality. Listen for tips on how the paint you choose for your home can make a difference.