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Rose blossom.

Winterizing Roses Using the “Minnesota Tip”

Many cultivated varieties of roses are not hardy below 10º- 20º F. To preserve the splendor of the rose garden, many gardeners are brave enough to try a technique called the “Minnesota Tip.” Using this method, the entire plants are actually tipped over and buried.
Red rose bloom

How to Winterize Roses

If you live in a cold climate and grow tender hybrid tea, grandiflora, or floribunda roses, you may want to provide them with some winter protection before the temperatures dip too low. Follow these steps to make sure your roses are healthy and protected this winter.

Ceiling Fan Direction: What You Need to Know About Rotation

Ceiling fan direction makes all the difference when cooling your home. Learn why you should switch up the rotation throughout the year.
Man adjusts condensate drain line

How to Unclog an AC Drain Line

Condensate drain lines can clog over time from algae growing inside the pipe. Watch this video to learn how to easily unclog the AC drain line.