How to Clean Carpet Like a Pro

Pulling chewing gum out of carpet

3. Try these Lifehacks

Everyday household products can double as surprisingly effective carpet-cleaning solutions.

For example, shaving creams helps break down stains and absorb them. Try applying shaving cream directly over a carpet stain and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Then blot the shaving cream away with a clean, dry cloth.

Detergent is another highly effective stain cleaner, best suited for removing pesky stains caused by grease. Mix the detergent in water and spray it over grease carpet stains.

Ice can help remove chewing gum — just slide ice over the gum until it freezes. Then use a spoon to scoop the hardened gum out of the carpet. Some damage may remain, so it’s best prevent this issue from ever happening. Avoid chewing gum near carpet and it won’t get stuck in the carpet!

Steam cleaning carpet with a vacuum

4. Steam Clean the Carpet

Cleaning solutions may leave residue behind. This may cause dirt and grime to stick to the residue, which will require further cleaning — it’s a vicious circle. So, do what the pros do: use steam cleaners to avoid this issue.

Look for a steam cleaner that generates up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a removable, reusable microfiber pad.

Final Thoughts

These tips work for mild to moderate carpet cleaning, but for severe cases, it’s best to hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Professionals have access to special equipment and cleaning solutions that can return old, dirty carpets to a pristine appearance.

Schedule carpet cleanings once a month to slow down the effects of wear and tear and prevent permanent stains from ruining your carpet.

Tiffany Lecroy is a freelance writer.


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