Careful What You Wish For!

Last Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to talk with Danny and Allen on the Today’s Homeowner radio show, the nationally-syndicated, call-in radio show that Danny hosts. It was a rainy, stormy day, and at the time I joked that since I couldn’t work in the yard, I was going to stay indoors and “watch the grass grow.” I don’t often get things done on time, but I did manage to sprinkle some organic lawn fertilizer the day before the rain began, and I was eager to see if it would have any effect.

Man, did it ever! The grass has grown about four inches in a week. Every time I look outdoors, it’s taller. I’m here now in my office overlooking the back yard, and I swear every time I look up, I see new blades twinkling in the spring rain. It’s going nuts.

My yard is small, and I have some mulched planting beds around a relatively small lawn. Last summer, I re-graded the entire lot and had to start from muddy scratch with the lawn, so I’m really pleased to see the flush of green this spring, indicating that my seedlings survived the winter. Yes, I know, the nitrogen in the fertilizer stimulates the growth of green leaves and foliage – it’s a manipulated sort of success, but nevertheless it’s also a growing, green lawn! Grass like that, I don’t mind mowing (spoken by someone who hasn’t mowed it yet).


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