Updating a New Hampshire Home’s Landscaping & Deck

Danny Lipford standing in front of the winners home

I’m on the road in Windham, New Hampshire, to lend a helping hand to the winners of the “Win Danny and His Crew for a Day” sweepstakes, sponsored by John Deere.

Danny Lipford and Bouchard family
Danny Lipford and Bouchard family

The winners, Matt and Kristen Bouchard, were chosen at random from among the thousands of entries submitted online and John Deere dealerships.

The grand prize was for me and my crew to spend a day taking on the lucky homeowners’ to-do list around their house and yard, with the help of $1,500 in landscaping materials and equipment supplied by John Deere.

The Bouchards, who built their house a little over a year ago for their growing family of three young boys, and had several projects in mind for me, including:

  • Landscaping a steep hill next to the driveway.
  • Trimming out the latticework around the deck.
  • Installing a fluorescent light and electrical outlet in the basement workshop.

John Deere excavator removing dirt from hillside

Project #1: Landscape Hillside

The project that needed the most attention was landscaping the steep hill adjacent to the driveway. To handle the job, John Deere brought in a:

  • Compact Excavator
  • Compact Tractor
  • Gator Utility Vehicle

Landscaper Ron Hill of Shady Hill Greenhouses & Nursery in nearby Londonderry, New Hampshire, took on the project. The John Deere excavator was the perfect tool to scrape off the layer of weeds and expose the soil beneath.

Completed hillside landscaping project

The resulting debris was then picked up by the front end loader on the tractor and hauled to a low spot on the lot. I managed to get into the act, too, using the Gator to handle some of the cleanup work.

Once the cleanup was complete, fresh topsoil was brought in and spread out. With the ground ready, Ron and his crew began digging holes and setting the plants, with a few large rocks used as accents. As a final touch, a layer of mulch was spread around the plants.

Completed latticework frame project

Project #2: Trim Deck Lattice

To improve the unfinished look of the existing latticework surrounding the deck, Allen and Tim carefully cut and fit a mitered frame around all four sides of the lattice from 1”x 4” lumber. The frame served to cover the rough edges of the lattice and give the deck a finished look.

To allow access under one end of the deck, the lattice and framework were attached with bolts and easily removable wing nuts.

Drilling holes in ceiling joists to run wire for light

Project #3: Install Workshop Light and Outlet

The final project on the Bouchards’ “Danny-do” list was adding an electrical outlet and fluorescent light fixture to Matt’s basement workshop. To accomplish that, holes were drilled in the exposed ceiling joists, and a wire run from an existing light to a junction box above the workbench.

Next, a hole was cut in the wall behind the workbench for the outlet box, and a wire snaked down behind the wall to it. The fluorescent fixture was then suspended from the ceiling joists using eyebolts and chains.

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  1. i desperately need you! my husband just is not a mr.fixit or fix anything! the things that were wrong with our home when we bought it 5yrs. ago are still wrong with it today. don’t get me wrong he’s a great husband but he missed the boat on this one thing. we are both disabled and really can’t afford to fix anything now. please, please consider us.


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