The Kuppersmith Project 8: Screens & Driveway

We’re tackling a number of projects outside on the Kuppersmith Project, including installing motorized retractable screens and pouring a colored concrete driveway. Inside we’re putting in a shower surround, putting down a tile floor, and painting the walls.

Danny Lipford in front of the poured driveway on the Kuppersmith Project

Motorized Retractable Screens

Retractable, motorized screens from Phantom Screens are being installed on the back porch of the house. The screens can be lowered at the touch of a button from the wireless control to keep insects out, and raised to allow an unobstructed view of the backyard.

Phantom retractable screens
Motorized retractable sceens installed on the back porch.

Each screen rolls up and down on a horizontally mounted, motorized spindle hidden in the framing above the opening. Metal tracks recessed into the wood columns guide the screen up and down.

Interior Doors

Shaker style interior door units with four flat panels were installed to blend with the historic décor of the house.

Installing an interior door unitThe side facings were nailed to the frame before each door unit was set in place, with the molding on top of the door frame completed after installation.

Interior Painting

With the doors and trim complete, the paint crew from CertaPro Painters hit the ground running to tackle the big job of priming, caulking, and painting the interior of the house with Glidden paint.

When applying painter’s tape to trim, run a putty knife along the tape to press it down firmly. FrogTape painter’s tape takes it a step further with a special adhesive that prevents paint from running under the tape to give clean lines every time.

Bathroom Shower Surround and Floor Tile

To give our shower stall in the bathroom a unique look, the DeNova solid surface surround was scored to resemble 10” x 15” subway tile. Once the opening for the ioDIGITAL shower controller from Moen and holes for the plumbing had been cut in the solid surface panels, the sheets were secured to the shower stall walls with adhesive.

Alabaster porcelain tile with a mosaic pattern ribbon tile inlay
Alabaster porcelain tile with a mosaic pattern ribbon tile inlay.

An alabaster porcelain tile with a mosaic ribbon tile inlayed into it was installed on the floor of the bathroom to provide a subtle contrast to the shower surround.

Concrete Driveway

Once the complex forms for the concrete driveway in the front of the house had been built, the cement truck arrived to pour the driveway. Powdered colorant was carefully measured in a paper bag and dropped into each load of cement, then thoroughly mixed in the truck before the concrete was poured.

Smoothing poured concrete driveway
Smoothing poured concrete driveway on the Kuppersmith Project.

After the concrete had been poured, a screed board was pulled across the top of the form to level it. This was followed by further smoothing with a bull float and hand trowel.

Privacy Fence and Gate

Painted cast iron foundation gratesTo provide privacy for the backyard of the Kuppersmith Project house, low maintenance Fiberon Composite Fencing was installed. Composite fencing was also attached to the steel gate frame to make it durable as well.

Cast Iron Foundation Grates

The cast iron grates for the foundation vents were cleaned with a wire brush to remove any rust, then sprayed with Universal All-Surface Primer from Rust-Oleum.

This was followed by several coats of Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Paint that matched the brown trim on the house.

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